And the hexipuff knitting continues!

Well, I have officially gone MIA from my blog for a while, but I also lost my knitting mojo for a few weeks there too.  It was a rather sad time for my knitting, blog, and project photos.  But all of those energies were directed into finished the nursery and making it just perfect before Sir W’s arrival.  My nesting got the best of me, what can I say, hehe?

I’m back to the hexipuffs now though with renewed energy, at least until the baby is born, which is supposed to be within the next 8 days!  I slogged my way through June an only managed to knit 21 hexipuffs.  That was actually a lot more than I thought I had knit, but still short of my hope for at least one a day.  I never even took a picture of all of them together!  Oye.  The majority of the hexipuffs were from the Three Fates Yarn minis rainbow collection, so I did the next best thing and took a photo of my progress so far with those.

I initially decided to work backwards through the rainbow so I’m finished with the purples, blues, blue-greens, greens, and yellows.  See my progress picture above!  I’ve gotten a bit crazy and have been knitting 2-3 hexipuffs per day the last few days.  I am determined to make July a more productive month – haha, probably a pipe dream, but a girl’s got to dream!

Anyways, I’m onto the orange minis now – can’t wait to see what the completed set look like!


What a crazy week!

I swear, the closer I get to having this baby, the less time I seem to have for knitting!  It is actually pretty frustrating, but I guess that is life for now.  I am in the throes of nesting and my husband only being home 4 days out of the last 25 have really made me plan out my days.  As sad as it is to say, by the time I get done with all the errands, chores, and toddler chasing for the day, all I want to do at night is just lounge on the sofa with my feet up watching re-runs of whatever law & order type show is on TV!

I have been working on the same hexipuff for the past 3 days and it is driving me crazy!  I just need this one off of my needles so I can start with a fresh one.  Hopefully pictures of that one to come later on today!


Here is a pic of the hexipuffs I finished the day I originally wrote this post!  I am sort of getting back into the groove and have already knit 3 more hexipuffs.  Sheesh, June is certainly going to be a poor showing for hexipuffs, but every little hexagon completed counts!

Goal #3 Met: 75 Hexipuffs Complete!

75 hexipuffs complete, another 25 in 32 days.  Not nearly as efficient as I was the past two months, but that’s okay.  I had quite a bit going on with visiting family and just generally being busy getting ready for Sir W’s arrival.   I know that my reward for completing each 25 puffs was supposed to purchasing more mini-skeins, but I simply don’t need any right now!  I know, I must not be a real knitter if I am turning down the opportunity to purchase more yarn!  My husband is going to fall out of his chair if he sees anymore small Etsy purchases though so I will work from my stash for now.

Besides, I just received my June shipment for the Chiagu Koigu mini-skein club and am itching to wind them up and get knitting!  After I finish the teals of the Three Fates Yarn rainbow pack, I may take a break from them, just for a change of pace and get some more variegated yarns back on my needles.  I can’t forget that I also have the red gradient kit from Black Trillium Fibres.  So much yarn!  That’s a good problem to have though!

I will say, my next mini-skein yarn purchase will definitely be from Mermaid Knitting.  I am missing the Rhichard Devrieze yarns!

Hexipuff 64

Yarn – Three Fates Yarns

Colorway – Percival (or OOAK)

A medium to light blue that has just the slightest bit of green in it.  I believe this is a OOAK yarn, but the blue looked so similar to Percival that I decided to call it that in case I want to order more in the future.


64/75; June 2, 2014