Monday Yarny Musings – August 11, 2014

Alright folks, my goal of 100 hexipuffs was reached and I believe some yarn goodness is in order!  My last Monday Yarny Musings included a picture of some lovely Graffiti yarn that I ordered from Etsy seller SpunRightRound.  I loved it so much that I went ahead and requested a custom order from her because what I really wanted was a graffiti yarn that had a lot more black to contrast with the natural and colored sections.  Here is my lovely yarn:

Graffiti Yarn

What do I have in mind for this yarn?  A plan for a layout!

I have been trying to figure out a layout for my great undertaking pretty much since the beginning (even though I did promise myself that I wasn’t going to stress about layout and JUST KNIT).  The truth is that this thought has been in my mind since before I even started my first hexipuff.  I guess I can be proud that I didn’t exactly stress about or drive myself so crazy that I just stopped working on the whole project!  (It’s the small victories!)

I have spent quite a bit time searching through pictures of hexagon quilts for inspiration and finally one struck my fancy.  After seeing it, I just knew that I needed to request a custom order of the graffiti yarn because it would tie everything together!  I stumbled across Kelly Girl Quilt’s blog and found pictures of her amazing hexie quilt.  Talk about serious inspiration!  Here is the link to her blog about the hexie quilt, from start to finish.  I think what I love most about it is the contrast between the diamonds and the monochrome border.  I mean seriously, how cool is this??

Kelly Girl Quilts gorgeous hexagon quilt

I have quite a ways to go before I will even have enough of any color to begin constructing a diamond and I still need to decide if I want to do some sort of gradient thing with each diamond.  Lots of time to think about it because I’ll likely need somewhere between 1500-2000 hexipuffs to make a decent sized quilt!




Monday Yarny Musings – July 14, 2014

New Yarn Thoughts

My July mini-skein collection from Chiagu arrived on Saturday – yay!  As usual, the colors are gorgeous.  Definitely a much more muted palette than in previous months and as always, quite nice.  What I love about Koigu is at first glance, the skein can appear mostly gray, but a closer inspection reveals other pops of color here and there.  I love it.
Here is a picture of the latest additions.

I am still working my way through my current collection of mini-skeins from Three Fates Yarn, but on Saturday while looking through other hexipuff pictures on Instagram, I discovered another amazing monthly yarn subscriptions of various types, but one of the subscriptions in mini-skeins. (squeeeeee!).  The company is called KnitCrate.  I immediately had out my credit card, all ready to sign up.  But be proud of me because I exercised some control and talked myself down.  The fact that I had literally JUST left Etsy where I had purchased several lovely half skeins of a delightfully colored yarn (more on those to come…), was one of the main reasons I stopped.  That and I am already a part of the Koigu monthly club by Chiagu!  

Let’s breakdown the math, both of the clubs are about $22 per month and would total 11 mini-skeins ranging from 25-30 yards each.  Easily 3 hexipuffs per mini.  So 33 hexipuffs per month from those sets.  That is a month’s worth of puffs right there!  But the $44 per month is quite a hit to the yarn budget.  I feel like I would have to choose one or the other and that just makes me sad.  What is awesome about Knit Crate is that they offer minis from up to 10 different dyers and you can either choose to be surprised or request a specific dyer.  And one of the companies is Blue Moon Fiber Arts ::just about faints::

So I really need to think about what I would like to do.  One thing is for sure.  I need to knit my way through my current stash before I can even begin to justify to Mr. KnittyKitty why I NEED to be a part of both monthly clubs.  And I can’t forget all of the awesome yarns I previously mentioned wanting before.  That, and I need to demonstrate to myself that I have the dedication to stick with this project and get it done!  Joining this club might be something to entertain around Christmas time and I will only do so then if I have knit to at least 200 hexipuffs!  Better get these needles going and figure out a good system once Sir W arrives!


Let’s talk about joining these hexipuffs together! 

I mentioned earlier that I had purchased some yarns from Etsy today.  The seller is SpunRightRound and she offers a gorgeous variegated yarn called ‘graffiti.’  The colors are primarily neutral with splashes of just about every color of the rainbow and black.  It appears that it could be the perfect yarn to serve as the joining yarn to the puffs and a great way to separate the difference color sections.  (I have been toying around with the layout in my mind and keep seeing a neutralish yarn breaking up the huge color blocks of like colors).  My thought was that if I knit hexipuffs from this graffiti yarn with all of these colors, then it would nicely compliment both the more solid colored puffs next to it and not be too jarring when looked at in contrast to the other sections.  SpunRightRought was offering basically half skeins of this yarn so I picked up 3 of those at 230 yards a piece.  I did sort of break my rule with this yarn as it is 75/25 superwash merino to nylon, but the yarn is too potentially perfect to pass up.

Original listing can be found here.  Definitely plenty of yarn to knit up to see how it fits into my vision.  Here is a picture that was on the listing for the yarn:


And the hexipuff knitting continues!

Well, I have officially gone MIA from my blog for a while, but I also lost my knitting mojo for a few weeks there too.  It was a rather sad time for my knitting, blog, and project photos.  But all of those energies were directed into finished the nursery and making it just perfect before Sir W’s arrival.  My nesting got the best of me, what can I say, hehe?

I’m back to the hexipuffs now though with renewed energy, at least until the baby is born, which is supposed to be within the next 8 days!  I slogged my way through June an only managed to knit 21 hexipuffs.  That was actually a lot more than I thought I had knit, but still short of my hope for at least one a day.  I never even took a picture of all of them together!  Oye.  The majority of the hexipuffs were from the Three Fates Yarn minis rainbow collection, so I did the next best thing and took a photo of my progress so far with those.

I initially decided to work backwards through the rainbow so I’m finished with the purples, blues, blue-greens, greens, and yellows.  See my progress picture above!  I’ve gotten a bit crazy and have been knitting 2-3 hexipuffs per day the last few days.  I am determined to make July a more productive month – haha, probably a pipe dream, but a girl’s got to dream!

Anyways, I’m onto the orange minis now – can’t wait to see what the completed set look like!

Goal #3 Met: 75 Hexipuffs Complete!

75 hexipuffs complete, another 25 in 32 days.  Not nearly as efficient as I was the past two months, but that’s okay.  I had quite a bit going on with visiting family and just generally being busy getting ready for Sir W’s arrival.   I know that my reward for completing each 25 puffs was supposed to purchasing more mini-skeins, but I simply don’t need any right now!  I know, I must not be a real knitter if I am turning down the opportunity to purchase more yarn!  My husband is going to fall out of his chair if he sees anymore small Etsy purchases though so I will work from my stash for now.

Besides, I just received my June shipment for the Chiagu Koigu mini-skein club and am itching to wind them up and get knitting!  After I finish the teals of the Three Fates Yarn rainbow pack, I may take a break from them, just for a change of pace and get some more variegated yarns back on my needles.  I can’t forget that I also have the red gradient kit from Black Trillium Fibres.  So much yarn!  That’s a good problem to have though!

I will say, my next mini-skein yarn purchase will definitely be from Mermaid Knitting.  I am missing the Rhichard Devrieze yarns!

Monday Yarn Musings

Well I have finished knitting all of the blue skeins and have moved into the blue-greens!  So many beautiful yarns.  Here they are in the order I plan to knit them.  Instead of spending so much time in between knitting each puff to track down the potential name of the colorway, I did all the legwork up front and have it written down.  That should help!

Let’s see, last week I was planning to contact Stephanie from the Etsy store Three Fates Yarn to see if she would be willing to send me a full or half skein of the undyed version of her ‘eponymous’ yarn.  That is the yarn used to create all 48 of the minis so I wanted to make sure they matched.  I messaged her that same Monday afternoon and lo and behold she had a half skein!  It arrived in my mailbox on Saturday afternoon!  All I have done with it so far is simply open the mailing bag, it the skein a squeeze and put it back.  I’m afraid that if I wind it up, I’ll want to play with stripes.  I need to stay focused though!

In other Yarny news, I got my autopay notification from Chiagu so I should be receiving the June shipment of the Koigu mini-skeins any day now!  Pictures of that likely to come next Monday.

Monday Yarny Musings – Yay for June being here!

Let me open this post by saying that NEXT MONTH I will be a mother of two children!  Sir W isn’t scheduled to make his debut until the third week of July, but you never know!  I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by!

On to the yarn discussion!  I must sadly report that during my travels this past week, I was not able to knit as much I would have liked.  It was a crazy time of running here and there and hanging out with family.  I naively thought that I could knit while in the airport/on the airplane with Lady E.  Ha!  I had to tire her out in the airport before the plane ride and then she insisted on being held on the airplane.  And she always fell asleep in the most awkward positions so there was no way to work the needles without disturbing her.  Oh well!  So I didn’t knit a single puff for 3 whole days!!

By Saturday, things had calmed down sufficiently that I was able to get back into the swing of things so I’m back on track for now.

My yarn of choice these days are the mini-skeins that I ordered from Three Fates Yarns.  I worked my way through the purples and decided to go with the blues next.  

The yarn is just gorgeous.  I am making myself a bit crazy though because I want each puff to be identified by colorway and I am just getting confused with some of these.  Because these yarns are hand dyed, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they will look different from a sample picture, but I am over thinking things.  It wouldn’t be quite as difficult if there weren’t OOAK mini-skeins that are not repeatable.  This all boils down to the fact that I should have taken more care with opening the grouped packages that listed the yarn name.  I should have labeled each one individually then.  Lesson learned for next time.

I did message Stephania about possibly getting a full or half skein of the undyed version of the yarn she sent to me.  Because of my pattern alterations, I am not able to get 2 full hexipuffs using just the mini-skein so I was hoping to incorporate natural yarn to make it work!

I have teased for the past 2 weeks that I had plans for the remaining Black Trillium Fibres gradient yarns, but I came to dislike my idea and now I’m back to the drawing board.  All I know for certain is that it will be crocheted and utilize the gradient to its best effect.

Monday (Memorial) Yarny Musings

Let’s see, not a ton of yarny news to report this week!  I am just so thrilled with my current minis stash and slowly working my way through each.  That said, the Three Fates Yarns collection is just gorgeous.  I worked my way through the purple yarns this week. More detailed posts on each of these yarns is upcoming, but I finished all of the purples.  In my zeal to play with and arrange the mini-skeins, I simply tore open the bundles of yarn instead of taking a close look at the name of yarn in the bundle.  I had a bit of trouble identifying two of the colors, but I think my guesses are correct.  Or rather they are going to be correct for my purposes.  Here are the finished purple puffs.  I’m trying to decide if I want to head into the reds or go backwards through the rainbow into the blues.  A flipped coin may be in order.

I will need to check into getting a natural colored yarn because I don’t have quite enough yarn left to finish a second hexipuff, but it is way too much to just toss into the scrap jar.  I could always make striped puffs with two colors as well.  Or I could make stripped puffs with two colors and a natural yarn.  Oooooo.  Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of decisions, I may have finally found my perfect project bag!  Check this beauty out.  I found it at the craft section of a local Greek festival I attended last weekend.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  It is a bowling back style opening, decent pockets inside, and I just love the floral design on the outside of it.

I know I mentioned a new project last week using the gradient yarns, but I have had no time to really work on it so I want to make some decent progress on it before debuting it, so stay tuned!

Monday Yarny Musings

I am getting this post up later today because I was waiting to see if my package of yarny goodness from etsy seller Three Fates Yarn would switch from being “in transit” to “out for delivery.”  What luck, it did this morning!

And I just simply must share this delightful mini-skein awesomeness with you:


I seriously cannot wait to wrap up the first little ball and get knitting!  It would be prudent to finish the one currently on the needles, but it is just too tempted to start another, haha.

I have more yarn than I know what to do with now so it is time to get down to this hexipuff business for real!  I don’t know that my original goal of buying me yarn every 25 puffs is going to be the most logical stash or budget wise, so I may need to rethink that part.  I could just make it an even 50 until I get my stash worked down enough for it to make sense for me to buy more yarn.

Now off to knit with me while Miss E naps for a bit!  Next week I’ll tell you my plans for the remainder of the black trillium fibres Naiad gradient yarn I have left.  The idea is still fully forming in my mind, but I should have it hashed out by then!

Goal #2 Met: 50 Hexipuffs Complete!


50 hexipuffs complete in 20 days, so that is another 25 in 20 days same as with goal #1!  I received a preview of my mini-skein custom order from Three Fates Yarns and it is just divine.  As I suspected, the pricing for it is such that it is an appropriate completion prize for both goals 1 and 2.  I submitted payment today and will hopefully have it sometime next week so I can feature it on an upcoming Yarny Musings Monday!

I am all set with mini-skeins for now, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not always on the lookout for others!  Once I make a good enough dent in my current collection, I was thinking about asking some of the yarn dyers I am following on Instagram if they would be interested in creating a custom order to help me out with this project!  But that is something I’ll address in the upcoming months.