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Ravelry Name – Julsa

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Julsa’s “The Great Undertaking”

Instagram – knittykitty75


I have been knitting and un-knitting since I taught myself to knit on a Greyhound bus on the way to visit my boyfriend when we were both in college.  I ended up marrying that pretty awesome guy and my love for knitting grew to include yummy yarns and also crochet.

I am a librarian by profession, although my current job is primarily watching my adorable daughter – let’s call her Miss E – discover the world and spending days with her.  I get in bits of knitting while I can because curious toddler fingers are always itching to pull all the stitches off of the needles!  That is part of what my current undertaking so perfect.  Furthermore, Miss E will be a big sister to Sir W in July so I really can’t get too bogged down.  Hexipuffs are light fare and just the perfect project to keep my needles clicking.

As with many fiber artists (and librarians for that matter), I am also a kitty mama – we have two adorable little guys, Taiko and Korben.

My Cat Guys


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