the Week’s Hexipuffs in Review: September 7-13, 2014 & August 31 – September 6, 2014

I’m still chugging along on my Beekeepers quilt project! I set up my weekly Hexipuff review to be published last week, but apparently it didn’t go through so here are the last 2 weeks of hexipuffs!  I am so close to 150!

I spent the past couple weeks continuing to work my way through my first pack of Black Trillium Fibres gradient kit. I finished all of the first and second colors. It’s amazing, I was able to get 12 puffs out of each skein.  So that is 60 puffs a pack! What a deal! I see more of those kits in my future for sure.




The Week’s Hexipuffs in Review; August 24-30, 2014

132 hexipuffs complete as of this past Sunday!

I recently gathered all of my minis together and came to a conclusion.  I have a ridiculous numer of mini-skeins to work with.  I didn’t even bother counting them, it is just insane.  And to think, I’ll be getting another 10 each month to add the collection! 

Let’s get to last week’s round-up!  I got it into my head that I really wanted to knit with the Black Trillium Fibres gradient kit that I purchased way back in April.  I had concluded then that these sets were the best bang for my buck.  For $39, I get 5 demi-skeins that each produce 10 hexipuffs.  That is 50 puffs per kit and less than a dollar for each one.  These will be great fillers for the quilt layout I have in mind.  

As always, must knit faster!  Here are last week’s offerings:

Hexipuffs 125-132

Hexipuff 125
Yarn – Drew Embosky – Gemstones
Colorway – Amethyst

Hexipuffs 126
Yarn – Drew Emborsky – Gemstones
Colorway – Emerald

Hexipuffs 127-128
Yarn – Spun Right Round
Colorway – Graffiti (custom)

Hexipuffs 129-132
Yarn – Black Trillium Fibres
Colorway – Naiad 1