And the hexipuff knitting continues!

Well, I have officially gone MIA from my blog for a while, but I also lost my knitting mojo for a few weeks there too.  It was a rather sad time for my knitting, blog, and project photos.  But all of those energies were directed into finished the nursery and making it just perfect before Sir W’s arrival.  My nesting got the best of me, what can I say, hehe?

I’m back to the hexipuffs now though with renewed energy, at least until the baby is born, which is supposed to be within the next 8 days!  I slogged my way through June an only managed to knit 21 hexipuffs.  That was actually a lot more than I thought I had knit, but still short of my hope for at least one a day.  I never even took a picture of all of them together!  Oye.  The majority of the hexipuffs were from the Three Fates Yarn minis rainbow collection, so I did the next best thing and took a photo of my progress so far with those.

I initially decided to work backwards through the rainbow so I’m finished with the purples, blues, blue-greens, greens, and yellows.  See my progress picture above!  I’ve gotten a bit crazy and have been knitting 2-3 hexipuffs per day the last few days.  I am determined to make July a more productive month – haha, probably a pipe dream, but a girl’s got to dream!

Anyways, I’m onto the orange minis now – can’t wait to see what the completed set look like!


6 thoughts on “And the hexipuff knitting continues!

  1. I’ve eyed that pattern for ages, but the sheer number required is daunting! I also feel like it would end up feeling like a burden, instead of something I knit with my leftovers, in my spare time…true or no?

    • Hey Nikki – jump on in, the beekeeper’s quilt water is just fine! It is true that it will take a considerable amount of puffs to create a substantial blanket, but each little puff is a little project on its own. I don’t knit socks so I never had any leftovers to begin with, but there are several mini-skein sources to choose from now that offer the variety of yarns necessary to knit the quilt without getting bored. Definitely give it a go one of these days!

      • Ahh, I’ve seen some of those mini skeins (some call them unicorn tails lol)…good idea. You’re sure to have the colors look well together too. Can you mix yarn weights?

    • Glad you are enjoying the process, Amanda! I sort of got lost for a couple weeks there, but I’m back to it! I have too many beautiful mini-skeins demanding to be knit into puffs to quit anytime soon!

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