Monday Yarn Musings

Well I have finished knitting all of the blue skeins and have moved into the blue-greens!  So many beautiful yarns.  Here they are in the order I plan to knit them.  Instead of spending so much time in between knitting each puff to track down the potential name of the colorway, I did all the legwork up front and have it written down.  That should help!

Let’s see, last week I was planning to contact Stephanie from the Etsy store Three Fates Yarn to see if she would be willing to send me a full or half skein of the undyed version of her ‘eponymous’ yarn.  That is the yarn used to create all 48 of the minis so I wanted to make sure they matched.  I messaged her that same Monday afternoon and lo and behold she had a half skein!  It arrived in my mailbox on Saturday afternoon!  All I have done with it so far is simply open the mailing bag, it the skein a squeeze and put it back.  I’m afraid that if I wind it up, I’ll want to play with stripes.  I need to stay focused though!

In other Yarny news, I got my autopay notification from Chiagu so I should be receiving the June shipment of the Koigu mini-skeins any day now!  Pictures of that likely to come next Monday.


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