What a crazy week!

I swear, the closer I get to having this baby, the less time I seem to have for knitting!  It is actually pretty frustrating, but I guess that is life for now.  I am in the throes of nesting and my husband only being home 4 days out of the last 25 have really made me plan out my days.  As sad as it is to say, by the time I get done with all the errands, chores, and toddler chasing for the day, all I want to do at night is just lounge on the sofa with my feet up watching re-runs of whatever law & order type show is on TV!

I have been working on the same hexipuff for the past 3 days and it is driving me crazy!  I just need this one off of my needles so I can start with a fresh one.  Hopefully pictures of that one to come later on today!


Here is a pic of the hexipuffs I finished the day I originally wrote this post!  I am sort of getting back into the groove and have already knit 3 more hexipuffs.  Sheesh, June is certainly going to be a poor showing for hexipuffs, but every little hexagon completed counts!


Goal #3 Met: 75 Hexipuffs Complete!

75 hexipuffs complete, another 25 in 32 days.  Not nearly as efficient as I was the past two months, but that’s okay.  I had quite a bit going on with visiting family and just generally being busy getting ready for Sir W’s arrival.   I know that my reward for completing each 25 puffs was supposed to purchasing more mini-skeins, but I simply don’t need any right now!  I know, I must not be a real knitter if I am turning down the opportunity to purchase more yarn!  My husband is going to fall out of his chair if he sees anymore small Etsy purchases though so I will work from my stash for now.

Besides, I just received my June shipment for the Chiagu Koigu mini-skein club and am itching to wind them up and get knitting!  After I finish the teals of the Three Fates Yarn rainbow pack, I may take a break from them, just for a change of pace and get some more variegated yarns back on my needles.  I can’t forget that I also have the red gradient kit from Black Trillium Fibres.  So much yarn!  That’s a good problem to have though!

I will say, my next mini-skein yarn purchase will definitely be from Mermaid Knitting.  I am missing the Rhichard Devrieze yarns!

Monday Yarn Musings

Well I have finished knitting all of the blue skeins and have moved into the blue-greens!  So many beautiful yarns.  Here they are in the order I plan to knit them.  Instead of spending so much time in between knitting each puff to track down the potential name of the colorway, I did all the legwork up front and have it written down.  That should help!

Let’s see, last week I was planning to contact Stephanie from the Etsy store Three Fates Yarn to see if she would be willing to send me a full or half skein of the undyed version of her ‘eponymous’ yarn.  That is the yarn used to create all 48 of the minis so I wanted to make sure they matched.  I messaged her that same Monday afternoon and lo and behold she had a half skein!  It arrived in my mailbox on Saturday afternoon!  All I have done with it so far is simply open the mailing bag, it the skein a squeeze and put it back.  I’m afraid that if I wind it up, I’ll want to play with stripes.  I need to stay focused though!

In other Yarny news, I got my autopay notification from Chiagu so I should be receiving the June shipment of the Koigu mini-skeins any day now!  Pictures of that likely to come next Monday.

Hexipuff 64

Yarn – Three Fates Yarns

Colorway – Percival (or OOAK)

A medium to light blue that has just the slightest bit of green in it.  I believe this is a OOAK yarn, but the blue looked so similar to Percival that I decided to call it that in case I want to order more in the future.


64/75; June 2, 2014