Monday Yarny Musings

I am getting this post up later today because I was waiting to see if my package of yarny goodness from etsy seller Three Fates Yarn would switch from being “in transit” to “out for delivery.”  What luck, it did this morning!

And I just simply must share this delightful mini-skein awesomeness with you:


I seriously cannot wait to wrap up the first little ball and get knitting!  It would be prudent to finish the one currently on the needles, but it is just too tempted to start another, haha.

I have more yarn than I know what to do with now so it is time to get down to this hexipuff business for real!  I don’t know that my original goal of buying me yarn every 25 puffs is going to be the most logical stash or budget wise, so I may need to rethink that part.  I could just make it an even 50 until I get my stash worked down enough for it to make sense for me to buy more yarn.

Now off to knit with me while Miss E naps for a bit!  Next week I’ll tell you my plans for the remainder of the black trillium fibres Naiad gradient yarn I have left.  The idea is still fully forming in my mind, but I should have it hashed out by then!


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