Goal #2 Met: 50 Hexipuffs Complete!


50 hexipuffs complete in 20 days, so that is another 25 in 20 days same as with goal #1!  I received a preview of my mini-skein custom order from Three Fates Yarns and it is just divine.  As I suspected, the pricing for it is such that it is an appropriate completion prize for both goals 1 and 2.  I submitted payment today and will hopefully have it sometime next week so I can feature it on an upcoming Yarny Musings Monday!

I am all set with mini-skeins for now, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not always on the lookout for others!  Once I make a good enough dent in my current collection, I was thinking about asking some of the yarn dyers I am following on Instagram if they would be interested in creating a custom order to help me out with this project!  But that is something I’ll address in the upcoming months.


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