Hexipuff 44

Just realized that I neglected to upload my daily hexipuff picture yesterday!  I usually knit one or several in advance so always have the pictures ready to go, but in the midst of my yarn musings and my knit and crochet week preparation, I completely forgot!  Mondays already seem sort of busy, so maybe I’ll just skip posting one on Monday anyway in lieu of posting my yarn musings.  That’s the new plan and I’m sticking with it!  Here’s number 44!

Yarn – Koigu (KPPPM)

Colorway – P124

This yarn seemed like an alternate rainbow so I figured it would be fun to follow up an actual rainbow puff with this darker, more moody rainbow

44/50; May 10, 2014


2 thoughts on “Hexipuff 44

  1. Hello! I am going to start a Beekeeper’s Quilt too. I am curious – did you decide not to put filling in your puffs? The colours you have knitted so far are delicious.

    • Thanks so much – I’m in love with mini skeins. You’ll love working on this project for sure!

      I did decide to leave my puffs unstuffed. I wanted them all to have a uniform look and figured the double sided knitting would provide more than enough warmth. I did have to add a few extra rows to get it to like a more even hexagon, but it is working out! Looking forward to seeing your puffs!

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