Monday Yarny Musings – Rainbows and Gradients

Mid last week I was trying to talk myself into (or talk myself out of?) buying more sock yarn mini-skeins.  I was doing that thing that I always do where I end up antsy and wondering, “what if I run out or worse, what if I end up bored with the yarns I already have?!”

Then I got myself together and remembered a couple of things.  There is zero chance that I would ever get bored with the mini-skeins I have in my stash because these yarns rock and furthermore that I already had an order on the way as a birthday gift!

My yarny delights arrived on Thursday and man oh man, are they gorgeous!  Both yarn packs came from Black Trillium Fibres – another gradient and a rainbow collection, but half-skeins at 25 grams each.  The gradient collection I ordered this time is called ‘Blush’ and features shades of red.  I decided to start at the beginning of the rainbow and work downwards as I was having way too difficult a time selecting one collection randomly, haha.  Clearly I just need to win some sort of lottery so I can purchase all of them at once.  I’m not sure that my knitting needles could handle that amount of awesomeness all at once though.

The rainbow collection, shown above, is called ‘Arco Iris’ and it is just divine.  It offers all of the primary, intermediate, and tertiary colors found on the color wheel except for red-orange and yellow-orange.  That is quite an assortment of colors!

In all honesty, I haven’t even wound any of these half-skeins of up yet because I like to pull them out and admire them at least once a day.  It is also because I am trying to pace myself and finish knitting up puffs from the ‘Naiad’ gradient collection I have so I have end up with a ton of mini wound skeins of yarn.

I must knit faster!


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