A Day In The Life of a Beekeeper’s Quilt – 5KCBWDAY1

I am Knittykitty’s fourth attempt at knitting this wonderfully long term project known as the beekeeper’s quilt.  She originally started the pattern way back when it was first released by Tiny Owl Knits the summer of 2011.  Three years and a least close to 200 puffs later, it all begins again.  (Knittykitty7 doesn’t like to admit that she accidentally threw away over a hundred puffs from previous endeavors…let’s not even mention that to her, shall we?)

This time KnittyKitty7 means business though as she made sure to get organized, but not make too many rules for herself before starting what she calls her “great undertaking.”  I feel sort of fancy because I get my own blog here, my own Flickr account to showcase each individual puff, and an Instagram account to quickly share my many amazing puffs with knitters and fiber enthusiasts all over the world!  Right now I have 45 hexipuffs completed and I adore each one – here they are:


KnittyKitty7 and I are just a month into this project and she is still going strong!  I think it was the infusion of new mini-skeins that she received that have really kept her motivated.  I’ll be interested to see how she manages to juggle watching her then 18 month old daughter, Miss E, when little brother, Sir W, makes his appearance in late July.  I know that she is quite determined to stay focused on me and use my little hexipuffs as a way to stay connected with the needles and give herself some down time.

In the meantime, I am watching the bag of mini-skeins that will soon become a part of my whole with great anticipation!  Here’s a peak –


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5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of a Beekeeper’s Quilt – 5KCBWDAY1

    • I have not! It’s hard to find a good time between the toddler who loves to pick them up and hand them to me and the cats who think they are toys. Haha. When I get to 100, I’ll see what they look like all together!

      • Do, it’ll be very exciting! Cats just LOVE hexipuffs. My cat tries to get into my room and comes in, puts her head in my hexipuff basket, takes one and RUNS out.

  1. Great fun reading your blog about your hexipuffs as I am making a sock yarn blanket with mitered squares. I can appreciate your delight in each finished puff. I have 200+ now, mine are joining as I go….Once this is done (in a year or so) I will definitely start a bee-keeper’s blanket.

    • Glad you are enjoying the blog! Your mitered square blanket is gorgeous! I started one not too long ago, but ended up forgetting my project on an airplane. ~sigh~ I was never able to get it back so I took it as a sign that I should put that project on hold. I’ll definitely be following along with yours!

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