Birthday Hexipuffs!

As you can probably tell from the picture in this post, today is somebody’s birthday and that somebody happens to be me!  This knitting mama turned 30 today!  I started out the morning with a healthy slice of cake.  No no, seriously, I didn’t but I did use this huge piece to get a picture of the puff I worked on this morning.

I do have some birthday presents the way (more on those on next week’s Monday Yarn Musings), but I think I should supplement it with a smaller pack of minis.  Or, I could just wait to see what my custom order from ThreeFatesYarns ends up looking like.  Speaking of, I heard from her again this morning (I love how much in communication she has been  – definite win) and my pack of minis is almost finished!  To get the color variety I was looking for, she says it will take until next week to get it all finished.  I cannot wait!!

There is also an Etsy shop that I found through Instagram that makes the most beautiful zippered project pounches.  The shop is called Stitch Mischief Made.  The particular bag I wanted isn’t up on her website yet, but she’ll be letting me know when it is posted in the shop!

So with those two great undertaking project purchases coming up and also the yarn I already have on the way, I do believe I just talked myself out of buying more yarn for my birthday, hahaha.  It is probably for the best.  My next hexipuff goal of 50 puffs is just around the corner anyway!


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