Monday Yarny Musings – Gradient Hexipuffs

I am going to try and update my yarn ideas, collections, musings every Monday.  We’ll see that goes, especially once I have both Miss E and Sir W here.  Sir W isn’t set to arrive until mid-July so I should have a few weeks worth of a rhythm to work with.

Yarny Musings

  • Just have to say how much I am enjoying my time knitting with Etsy seller Black Trillium Fibre’s gradient yarn kit.  Not only are the colors gorgeous, but the price is perfect!  I can knit 8-9 hexipuffs per skein so that is 40-45 puffs from one-5 skein pack.  I can hardly decide which one I want to order next, I hope to eventually collect them all!
  • I am always on the lookout for more mini-skein options and am absolutely in love with Etsy seller KnittedWit’s Mini Mania collection.  Unfortunately the price is a bit steep on these ( I believe I calculated it to $3.75 for a 45 yard mini-skein?).  My max for minis is $3 or less each so I will keep looking out.
  • I still absolutely love this highlighter collection from DyeabolicalYarns Highlighter Mini Collection.  $16.50 for five 40 yard skeins. Another great deal!
  • My go to mini shop on Etsy is still Mermaid Knits so I am considering ordering more minis from her too!  I just missed out on an awesome 77 mini-skein collection.  I guess I could contact her to see if she has another!  Here is the collection she named her ‘Biggest Ever.’
  • Still working with Etsy seller ThreeFatesYarns on my custom order – seriously cannot WAIT to see how my mini collection from her turns out!

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