Lessons Learned the Hard Way


So a majority of the mini-skeins I am using for this project require some serious sleuth work to figure out the color way name.  Lots of mini-skeins sellers don’t include this infomation, but I do plan to ask for it in the future, if possible.

I am having the most difficult time figuring out some of the Rhichard Devrieze colors.  Most of them can easily be identified on his website, but I seem to have a few discontinued ones as well, I believe.  And then the nature of hand dyed yarns doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the yarn in hard looking exactly like the yarn on screen.  So there is some guesswork involved.  

I am in the habit now of bookmarking vendor websites with great pictures that can offer a variation than what is on the original website.  In some cases, there are knitting samples and I can easily compare my hexipuff to the colors on screen.  Just tonight I had to revise the colorway of one of my earlietst puffs because it was clear that I had selected the wrong one.

All of this led to me realizing that there is a benefit to keeping the original picture that I took of the hexipuff as well.  It will make altering the text on the picture that much easier.  So another step has been added to the process, but I think it will be worthwhile for odd moments like the one I encountered today.


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