Must have more yarn – Exploring more yarn sources

In keeping with my promise to myself that I can be rewarded with new mini-skeins when I finish 25 puffs, I have been on the lookout for new sources to feed the craving!  A girl can certainly look and favorite, just no buying until 25 puffs are complete!

So where else do I turn to find new sources of minis, but to Etsy!  Here are two sellers I am definitely interested in!

Three Fates Yarn
The yarn from this seller is absolutely gorgeous and I have my eye on two of her mini-skein collections:

  1. Jewel Toned Collection – 10 mini skeins at 10 grams each
    There are some less colorful mini-skeins in this collection so that is the other thing that is giving me pause.  I haven’t quite decided if blacks and browns are going to be in this blanket yet.  (Knowing me though, I should probably just get them because I’m bound to change my mind a few times)

  2. Repeatable Colors Assortment of Minis – 24 mini skeins at 5 grams each
    The yardage from these skeins is closer to what I need for a mini and I just love the variety of colors!  I hope I am able to reach 25 hexipuffs complete before this sells out!

Kimberly offers some great custom dyed mini-skein sets.  Many of her color combinations are just to die for.

  1. Black Poppy Mini Skein Custom Order
  2. Speckled Eggs Mini Skein Custom Order
  3. Smokey Mountains Mini Skein Custom Order

I hope she continues to offer more mini-skein sets!


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