Has Puffs, Will Travel

I’ve took the show on the road for a long car trip today! I tend to get car sick but I was determined to knit at least one or two puffs during this drive.  It worked out pretty well! 

Miss E and I originally did this 8 hour drive by ourselves, but a strange series led to Mr. KnittyKitty getting stuck in the city where we were visiting my family.  We picked him up from the airport and he got to enjoy an evening of visiting.  I was dreading doing the drive home myself and was considering extending my visit, but the trip was much more enjoyable with company.  It didn’t hurt to have somebody to help with the driving so I could knit a bit, not to mention an extra pair of eyes for Miss E.

Unfortunately, no pics of the two puffs I finished on the road (it got pretty hectic there and now they are all the way downstairs and I have no good lighting for them.  I’ll be updating with pics tomorrow!