Hexipuff 7

Yarn – Rhichard Devrieze Peppino Collection

Colorway – “Carnival”

Definitely reminds me of a carnival, particularly the at nighttime with all of the lights from the rides and games.


7/25; April 8, 2014


So What’s the Plan?

I truly hesistate to create a plan because knowing me, I’ll start OVER thinking the project and this one will end up right where the other 3 previous attempts did.  So I don’t have a grand, overarching plan.  (I’m not going to lie, I almost had a panic attack just typing that – me with no plan?  Who am I?)  Instead I think I shall set goals for myself. 

Let’s start with something relatively easy – one hexipuff a day.  Seems pretty manageable.  Or maybe I should go at it with a different approach so that 11:00pm rolls around and I’m settling into bed before I realize I haven’t knit the days puff.  Maybe an overall countdown to a “prize” or reward would be a good motivation.  Maybe I knit so many puffs and I allow myself to purchase either more mini-skeins or another gradient color kit from Etsy.  Now that sounds exciting! 

So what’s fair, I wonder?  30, 40, or 50 puffs to start?  Maybe I should set the bar at 25 puff increments to keep me going.  Especially as it is likely I won’t be knitting more than one a day anyway.  25 puffs it is!