The Tools to Get the Job Done – Part 3, Pattern Mods and Photography

Pattern Intro

Pattern Modifications

When I first started working on the Beekeeper’s Quilt a few years ago, I noticed that my hexagons weren’t quite turning out as symmetrical hexagons.  The bottom half of the hexagon was always more squat than the top, due to the height of the increases versus the decreases.  The first place I turned was the Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry group.  When the pattern was first published, there was a huge following and there was a thread devoted to people working furiously to create lots of puffs.  Advice I found there leaned to modifying the type of increase, so I changed the KFB increase to a YO on the RS, KTBL on WS. I also left the last plain round off the hexagon and bound off immediately after finishing the final increase round.

That modification certainly helped things a bit, but the hexagon was still squat.  It was apparent that extra rows would need to be added to make up the height difference.  But where to put the extra rows?  After once again consulting Ravelry, I decided to add one after the first increase row and another before beginning the decreases.  And ta-da that worked, at least enough that I was satisfied with how the puffs seamed together.  Of course, I didn’t figure out these mods until AFTER I had knit 150+ puffs so of course I had to start over again.

So just for clarification, my modifications are:

  1. All increases are YO on the increase round and knit that YO through the back loop on the plain round.
  2. Add an additional plain round after the plain rounds where they are 12 stitches and 20 stitches per needle, respectively.
  3. Bind off immediately after final decrease round of the hexagon; do not knit the final plain round when the stitches are decreased to 10 stitches per needle.

 Picture Fun



Almost as much fun as knitting my puffs is taking a picture of each one!  I particularly love the look of the variegated yarns and strive to make pictures of them as realistic as possible.

I am planning now for all of my pictures to be taken by my ipad mini.  It is just easier for me to keep them all in one (portable) place and have the ability to upload them to Flickr and this blog.  I’m pretty pleased with the quality of the pictures as well.  I am finding that the best time for me to take photos in the house is during the morning in my daughter’s playroom. The sun rises on that side of the house and the room is just illuminated.  Once the weather becomes even nicer, I’ll likely get in the habit of taking them outside while Miss E runs around the yard.


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