The Tools to Get the Job Done, Part 1 – The Needles

I have explored my yarn options for this project, so now it is time to talk about the tools I’ll be using for this Great Undertaking!  Let’s start with the needles.

I wouldn’t say that I am particularly picky when it comes to my knitting needles, but my preference is definitely metal.  I find that my stitches get stuck (don’t slip easily) on wooden needles and I don’t like the feel of plastic needles.  So maybe I am a bit picky after all, haha.

When I started this project, I knew that I needed to love my needles as I would be working with them for a LONG time.  While working on version 2 of this project, I stumbled upon some lovely square DPNs from Kollage.   I liked the weight of them and the square edges made the needles easier to grasp and move quickly.  The only square needles I had though were the wrong size (sizes 4 and 5 – closer to the original size called for in the pattern).

As I had decided that I was going with smaller needles this time around, it was clearly apparent that it was time for new needles!  I originally thought of going as small as size 0 needles, but after completing one puff, I knew that was too small so I decided to split the different and go with size 2 (2.75 mm)

Now it’s not like I don’t have any tiny DPN needles, but I simply had to have square needles!

In any case, I found some lovely cubic needles from Knitter’s Pride during my trip to Webs yarn store last weekend.  (Webs didn’t carry the Kollage needles and I was certainly NOT leaving that store without a suitable substitute – the needle section is much too large for that!).  Not only are they just like the Kollage needles, they were about half the price too!  I currently have puff #2 on these needles as I type.



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