The Yarns for this Great Undertaking

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that part of the reason I gave up on previous Beekeeper’s Quilt attempts was due to my dislike of how different textured yarns felt together and knit up.  I had 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, mixed with 75/25  superwash wool nylon mix, 100% superwash merino, etc.  It was just too much and I got distracted by it all.  So this time I have decided to use just 100% merino wool, either superwash or not.

When I originally became obsessed with this pattern a few years ago, lots of mini-skeins packs started to appear on Etsy.  I was pretty haphazard with my collecting of mini-skeins and ended up with minis made from any number of fiber combinations.  I was looking only at the color of the minis instead of the content as well.  So I have some mini skeins that may never become anything or will be given away to my knitting pals.

Right now I have 3 main sources of yarn for this project – all types of mini-skeins to provide enough variety to keep me entertained and chugging along!

1. Chiagu’s Koigu Mini-Skein Club – What lover of skinny yarns doesn’t love the yummy feel and scrumptious colors of Koigu?  I absolutely love this mini-skein club and have been a part of it since late last year (I believe).  Each month you receive 6 mini-skeins (about 25 yards each) of different Koigu yarns.  Each shipment is packaged efficiently in a clear zipped baggie with pictures AND the yarn number listed.  I wish I had taken more care in those earlier months because I have misplaced the slip for several of the mini-skeins, but I’ll do some sleuthing and see if I can narrow it down from the Koigu website.


2. Mermaid Knitting Etsy Shop – Sweet Lord, are these mini-skeins gorgeous and priced just right!  Diane packages mini-skeins using yarns created by fiber artist Rhichard Devrieze.   Rhichard used to dye yarns for Koigu and his signature carries over to his new colorways.  What I love about these mini-skeins is that you can get yarn packs in varying weights and lengths, depending on your needs.  I personally love the 12 yard a mini-skein packs.  I wish that the colorways were included in the packs upon purchase so it would be easy to locate and purchase a full skein, but it offers a perfect excuse to click through Rhichard’s Peppino Merino Fingering collection on his website.


3. Etsy seller BlackTrillium: Gradient Yarn Kits – With all of the variegated and stippled yarns I have from my mini-skeins, I really wanted some solids to throw into the mix.  I originally started with Koigu solid mini-skeins from Purl Soho, but they just didn’t cut it.  They were a bit pricey and the shipping was quite expensive.


So I was on the hunt for something new when I came across these absolutely AMAZING gradient color kits on Etsy.  With purchase of a kit, you receive 5 gradiented skeins, 33 grams and 127 yards each.  The price is great too.  I seriously want them all.  I settled for the one that originally caught my eye though.  I purchased the Pebble Sock, in the Naiad colorway.   I can’t wait to see them in person.

So there you have it, those are the yarns I am planning to use for this great undertaking!  Tomorrow I’ll talk about needles and the pattern modifications I am using this time around!


2 thoughts on “The Yarns for this Great Undertaking

  1. I admire your determination to tackle this immense project! I’ve also found it attractive but I don’t have a love of sock knitting, so not a lot of scraps to get started with… but that’s my excuse. 😀 Truth is, it’ll happen someday.
    For the minis that you don’t want for your Beekeeper’s Quilt, what about using them for Leftie?
    This is my particular favorite pattern for small amounts of color, but I know there are more out there.
    Happy knitting!

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