Revisiting the Beekeepers Quilt


A few years ago, I was one of MANY knitters who fell in love with the Beekeepers Quilt pattern from Tiny Owl Knits. There is just something so enticing about these little double sided shapes – they are quick to knit, make a great portable project, and offer a potential for using many different yarns. (That last point is a definite plus for a short attention span knitter like myself!).

After starting at least 3 different versions of this blanket, I am ready to begin yet another! (I am neurotic and planned specific patterns for one, scraped the color scheme for another attempt, and just ran out of steam for the third). I have probably knit over 350 hexipuffs, but none of them go together completely (different sized needles, different textured yarns, etc.)

My plan is much looser this time around and will revolve primarily around a specific type of yarn and I can worry about color arrangement later on in the process. I really didn’t like the way different textured yarns were coming together in my previous attempts so I am resolved to use just one type of sock yarn this time.

Why return to this project? My knitting time is so limited these days with an adorable toddler running around and her little brother due to arrive in July. I need a project that can easily be picked up and put back down, one that can be worked on in short sessions, and the variety of yarns I can use will keep it interesting! More specific details of my project to come! I offer a teaser pic of my knitting kit above. My Oscar the Grouch lunchbox is perfect for holding my yarns!


2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Beekeepers Quilt

  1. As someone who has made a few hexipuffs myself, and certain I will never finish enough for a quilt, I am curious what you have done with the ones you made. Mine are actually in an acrylic DK scraps instead of sock yarn, I think they might be good cat toys …

    • My cats think they make great cat toys too!
      I accidentally threw away a majority of my puffs : (
      I was cleaning out my craft room and the bag full of then got put into the wrong pile. ~sigh~
      If I still had them, I would make them into a pillow top or a wall hanging.

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